The 300 HR Advanced Teacher Training


-The 300 HR Advanced TT (500 Hour Certification)-


Continue your Transformation

You’ve completed your 200-­hour teacher training and now you’re ready to fine-­tune your skills, develop your voice more fully, and discover the unique gifts you have to offer as a teacher. This 300­-hour training, combined with your 200-­hour certification, will give you the hours you need to register with Yoga Alliance at the 500-­hour level.

Learn how to teach an intelligent therapeutic, dynamic class without being tied up to a specific sequence, that will challenge your student's stamina while focusing on alignment and integration. This training is ideal for teachers aspiring to add more range and depth to their teaching curriculum, or their personal practice.

The Elements’ 300-hour advanced training focuses on the expansion of your own sacred consciousness. We integrate the teachings of Yoga, The Chakra System, and Neuroplasticity to form a comprehensive, educational, and healing program. With an open heart and an open mind, this training will not only provide you with the tools to become a great yoga teacher – it will also guide and support you through your own transformation and evolution as a conscious being.

We strongly believe that these three main subjects work in a creative collaboration to help individuals form their own unique healing path. Within this subject matter, there is something to inspire everyone. We understand that Yoga is vast and diverse, and we want you to decide what is healing for yourself.

The Program is designed in two modules, 150 hrs each, that can be completed within 2 years of each other, or separately from other programs.

Requirements -

Completed 200 RYT certification


  • Learn detailed alignment for Level 2 poses

  • Dynamic Sequencing – learn the art of sequencing multi-level classes

  • Understand Advanced Assisting – Hands-on and Verbal

  • Learn how to create and lead a Workshop


  • Learn how to organize the body to allow safety in deepest expressions

  • Learn the practical neuroscience of mindfulness and awakening

  • Explore the importance in anatomical positioning of the body’s energy centers


  • Learn Universal Laws – understanding how the universe operates is the key to freedom

  • Understand the Chakras and how they effect our lives on a practical level

  • Learn how to sculpt your brain, to change your mind, to change your life


  • Discover how belief systems pattern our relationship to health


  • Buddha’s Brain- Rick Hanson

  • Becoming Supernatural - Dr. Joe Dispenza

  • Anatomy of the Spirit- Caroline Myss PH.D.


Module 1: $1,700 (*early bird May 1 - $1,650) | This 150 hr Certification offers an in-depth look at: Advanced Sequencing - The Chakra System - Theming: Methodology and Techniques for Teaching - Charlottesville, VA


Module 2: $1,700 (early bird May 1- $1,650) | This 150 hr Certification offers an in-depth look at: Advanced Assisting - Becoming Supernatural - Methodology and Techniques for Teaching - The Business of Yoga



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