Gratitude Journaling - Appreciation


Day 8: Gratitude Journaling (Appreciation)

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough” - Oprah Winfrey

When it comes to improving productivity, it ultimately comes down to habits. High achievers run a very efficient day and nothing is done by accident.

I have the privilege of knowing many high achievers who make being productive seem like an art. All of these people share common routines, they apply the tried and true methodology of the ages; they implement proven techniques that create the 3 P’s – profit, productivity, and progress.

Over the years, I have come into a routine that has allowed me to see very clearly what works and what doesn’t.  Sadly, I believe that I struggle the most when I cannot get organized.  I also believe that discipline is a learned behavior and comes through repetition and that people often give up before they reap the rewards of self-mastery.

Knowing how to plan your day is a key to improving productivity and creating a more productive life. What are the HABITS of high producers?

1.  They Pre-Plan

Achievers do not launch into their day without being absolutely clear on what they want to accomplish.  They fully understand that their long-term goals only become manifest if they apply daily actions that are in alignment with those goals.  They are also very clear on what those daily actions are and thus before they plan their day, they know what is important.  Lastly, they carve out time for these daily activities; having the necessary conversations, re-arranging their schedule, and clearing out non-essential endeavors.

2.  They Have an Exceptional Getting Started Routine

High achievers wake-up early.  Kendall is typically up by 4:45 a.m.  My ideal time is 5:30, but I still struggle to do get out of bed most days.

Brendan Bruchard, Oprah’s coach, takes time to journal, meditate, exercise, and review his day before he gets started. Every high achiever I know has a similar getting started routine.  They fully understand that evenings are generally filled with dinners, family, conference calls, so getting the essentials done early ensures that they get accomplished.

3.  They Deliberately Executive Their Plan

High producers take on the things that are most difficult first  They have decided who they are going to reach out to, follow-up with, and what actions they are going to take.  What they do not do is get distracted. 

4.  They Set Boundaries

High achievers understand that time is finite and are able to set boundaries with people, meetings, and themselves. They limit their time and are very clear about the desired outcome for each, and every, action they take. Mindful you say?

5.  They Work in Time Blocks

High Achievers understand that they cannot produce 24/7.  There is an opportunity cost when it comes to attempting to give one hundred percent all day long.  High achievers realize that they can give their best in blocks of time.

Work in 90 minute blocks.  At the end of the block, take time to do something fun such as plan a date night with your partner, take a yoga class, take a GRIND class, walk your dog.  In working like this, you become more effective and productive.

 6.  They Have a Winding Down Routine

All high achievers have a winding down routine.  They reflectively journal, plan the next day, and write out some gratitude items,

Becoming a high achiever starts with modelling the habits of those who have gone before you.  Some people wrongly believe that they will develop the habits when the results come.  The truth is that the results come after the habits are formed.

Journal in Gratitude

Set a timer for 15 minutes. During this time write down what you are thankful for or the positive events that happened during the day without overthinking or stopping. Nothing is too big and nothing is too small. Then write down why these events made you happy.

Not only will you become focused, but you will also be focused on what really matters

If you have developed some new habits that are contributing to your success, please leave your comments below.