What are Electrolytes?


Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electrical charge. They have an impact on how your muscles function, how alkaline your blood is, and how much water you have in your body. They are key components in many bodily functions and as an athlete or fitness enthusiast, it is critically important to make sure you have an adequate supply of them in your body for optimum performance. Cramping is a sign that your body is already dangerously low on electrolytes. It’s important to make sure your body has a readily available supply of electrolytes so it can perform at its best. Which is why it is best to consume electrolytes in a consistent manner so you go into your workout or training session adequately hydrated.

What is Hyponatremia?

You might ask “Why can’t I just subsist on water alone?” Excessive water consumption without electrolyte supplementation will actually cause a dilution and, potentially, depletion of electrolytes called Hyponatremia. If you never take in any electrolytes but drink a ton of water, you run the risk of water intoxication. Water Intoxication occurs when the balance of electrolytes in the body is outside of a safe range, and it can be very dangerous. Even if that weren’t a risk, electrolytes play a major role in the body and you need them for proper function.