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Meditate and Alleviate (Stress Management)


Meditate and Alleviate

A 6-week series for stress management

Stress can be defined as the brain's response to any demand. Many things can trigger this response, including change. Changes can be positive or negative, as well as real or perceived. In this course, we will discuss stress management and give tools to help alleviate the impact of stress in the body, heart, and mind and work through any stressful situation like a zen master.

Every Sunday @ 8:15a - October 14 - November 18th. $99

When you sign up, you’ll learn:

  • What stress is and how it works in the body

  • The difference between positive stress and toxic stress

  • Practical skills for detoxifying the stress in our lives

  • Daily practices you can do so that you can train your nervous system to operate at a calmer, healthier day-to-day level

  • Meditation Principles

  • How to work with emotions like anger and sadness to improve your connection with others rather than feeling isolated

  • Practices for joy and sweetness so that you can not only stress less but actually enjoy life more.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who feels stress sometimes overwhelms them.

  • Anyone who wants to stop using coping mechanisms that have negative consequences and find healthier, more sustainable coping skills.

  • People who sometimes find themselves going numb due to the stresses of life.

  • People who want more richness in their relationships and a more loving connection to their body.

  • People who find they get sick all the time without any underlying medical reason--a weak immune system may be due to a lack of appropriate rest.

  • People who are exhausted.

  • People with anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, or other mood disorders who would like to complement the work of their medical and health professionals.

  • Anyone who would like healthy, practical, useful skills for managing the stresses of their lives.

  • People who would like to live their lives more fully, with more joy and less anxiety.

  • People who are ready and willing to make a change in their stress habits in exchange for a fuller, brighter life.

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