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Law of Attraction: Dharma Talk and Meditation

Learn skillful living through the Law of Attraction and how to use left-brain, logical thinking to shift things – bring them into being by using words, repetition, and images (vision boards etc.).

By altering the association between the memory and the emotion, thereby breaking the negative (or reinforcing the positive) effect of the memory on behavior.

The connection between memories and emotions is well-known. Repeated incidences in our lives create memories and powerful emotional associations.

These are so strong that they create our beliefs about ourselves and about the world.

Using the neuroplasticity of the right brain, there is a far easier way.

Learn how to create positive associations with the things we want, and thereby ‘manifest’ it in our lives –

Learn how to believe and attract the life you dream of.

included in 2019 Intentional Reset

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