It all started when...

Kendall and Monica met at a water fountain, from there a dream of creating a community and building a studio blossomed. It may have started as a frail undeveloped seed and we're growing to fully represent this dream.

When we set our on this journey years ago we had no idea how we were going to do it. All we knew is we had to set intentions and start moving, start knocking on doors, and have the courage to move forward. Life is calling us to do it again and you can be a pivotal part of this EVOLUTION! 

We're adding value to your membership by increasing class diversity with world class trained instructors. The deals available NOW are at a value that is way below what you're currently paying for only yoga. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and grow with us! 

Buy a 300 class card  - thru Friday 6/30 $2,500 

$3,000 thereafter 

Lifetime membership -  $4,000

3 SOLD - Only 2 available left