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Teacher Training

- the 200 hr teacher training -

While there is much to learn and study to become a yoga teacher, we believe that if it is not brought into our experience, it will fade into shadow. The program is physically, mentally and spiritually challenging, but because we cannot teach where we have not been, this work is necessary to develop ourselves into effective, heartfelt teachers. Our program is based in practical, hands on, visual and interactive workshops. Teaching yoga is visceral, exciting and energetic, - full of caring, sweat, compassion, courage, vulnerability and love. We aim to teach you how to deeply connect with your students and by doing so, your knowledge, skills, study, hard work and self-practice will shine through. Your ability to reach every student where they stand today will facilitate their growth, healing and well-being and is one of the most rewarding and transformative things a person can do in their life. The Elements Teacher Training will provide you with tools to will peel away the layers you no longer need, and set you on a new path of power, discovery and meaning. You will leave with new goals, ideals and skills and understanding some of the world’s greatest wisdom teachings. You will discover more about yourself than you imagined possible, let go of limitations and reveal your own inner truth. We will take you through the Yax Yoga Concepts Method and teach you three motivating general level multi style classes.

The Yax Yoga Concepts Method incorporates many styles of yoga into one experience, creating a sustainable system of transformation.  At The Elements our aim is to break barriers between yoga systems and unite them.

The 200-hour Teacher Training program explores the process and science of yoga. It is designed to transform passionate students into powerful teachers. It has two main intentions. The first is to teach the core principles of yoga and how to implement them into daily life, positively shifting the way we live and how we perceive our world. The second is to develop within each student the key attributes of a teacher. We’ve designed specific training drills that dramatically accelerate that learning process. Upon graduation, you’ll be able to confidently lead group classes through three systems, Nyata (Stability-Earth), Vinyasa (Flow-Water), Core Stabilization (Fire)


  • Understand the therapeutic vision – the reasoning behind sequencing
  • Gain awareness of the elements of a class that make it inspiring
  • Learn the Hot Yoga, Vinyasa and Core systems.
  • Practice and Training Asana
  • Teaching Experience
  • Voice and Delivery


  • Gain knowledge of alignment principles to keep students safe
  • Understand the importance of the myofacial lines of the body
  • Learn about the anatomy of the body in relationship to movement


  • Study The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali
  • Understand the System of Transformation – a path to liberation
  • Learn the Law of Attraction and Intention and how to apply it in our lives


  • Learn the connection between food, our bodies, and our environment
  • Discover the true power of water
  • Learn the practices that our teachers use on a daily basis


  • The Power of Now- Eckhart Tolle
  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success- Deepak Chopra
  • The Inner Tradition of Yoga- Michael Stone
  • Meta Anatomy-Kristen Leal
  • The Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali- Chip Hartranft
  • How Yoga Works- Geshe Michael Roach
  • Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice (book and audio book) - Brené Brown


Module 1: Meditation, Methodology and Techniques for Teaching Part I  - Vinyasa

  • May 26-28
      • Friday 12-8 pm 
      • Sat & Sun 9-7 pm
      • Mon 9-6 pm
    • June 22-24
      • Friday 12-8 pm
      •  Sat & Sun 9-7 pm
    • July 6-8
      • Friday 12-8 pm
      •  Sat & Sun 9-7 pm

    Module 2: Meditation, Methodology and Techniques for Teaching Part II - Nyata & Core Stabilization

    • July 20-22
      • Friday 12-8 pm  
      • Sat & Sun 9-7 pm
    • August 3-5 
      • Friday 12-8 pm
      • Sat & Sun 9-7 pm
    • September 1-3
      • Friday 12-8 pm
      • Sat & Sun 9-7 pm
      • Mon 9-6 pm



    • Early Bird Pricing: $2,200 if Paid In Full by Feb 1 - Extended thru Mar 31
    • Payment Plan Pricing: $2,600 ($350 non-refundable deposit followed by 5 equal payments of $450 on the 1st of the month beginning May)
    • Investment includes unlimited yoga classes at The Elements at a reduced rate during the course of the training.
    • Required text books must be purchased separately. Space is limited. Sign up today!

    Do you currently teach other styles of yoga and would like to expand your knowledge?


    - continuing ed hot yoga Training -

    25 Hours of Advanced Teacher Training

    Evolve and deepen your understanding of teaching the science of yoga. This 25-hour yoga teacher training module aims to expand your knowledge, skill set and confidence as both teacher and student. Elevate your credentials to teach beyond the introductory information commonly delivered in a 200-hr teacher training.

    Learn how to teach an intelligent therapeutic, hot dynamic class without the vinyasas and without being tied up to a specific sequence, that will challenge your student's stamina while focusing on alignment and integration. This training is ideal for teachers aspiring to add more range and depth to their teaching curriculum, or their personal practice.

    INVESTMENT - one weekend

    • May 11 - 13
      • FRI 5-9 PM  |  SAT  9-8 PM  |  SUN 9-6 PM
    • $375